Are You Looking for a new Gynecologist?

Before you make another appointment with your doctor, consider these questions:

  • Are you able to see your Doctor at EVERY visit?
  • Does the Doctor call to tell you your lab and test results?
  • Does the Doctor call in your pharmacy prescriptions to make sure it’s done correctly?
  • Does the Doctor actually return your phone calls and answer questions?
  • Does the Doctor draw your blood when you need lab tests?
  • If you need your Doctor, can you be seen the very same day?
  • Is your Doctor available if you need evening or weekend appointments?
  • Is your Doctor known as the most experienced vaginal surgeon in the valley?
  • Does your Doctor have the highest rate of vaginal hysterectomies with the most efficient, lowest complication rate?
  • Can your Doctor treat low libido issues in yourself and your partner?
  • Does the Doctor offer cutting edge Bio Identical hormone treatment?
  • Do you have your Doctor’s direct cell phone number?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, you deserve BETTER. Stop being “just another number” and get best medical care available.
Dr Krueger

Dr. Philip M. Krueger has been taking care of patients in this area for over 34 years.